Anonymous: do you like nice laurel

yes, she seems very focused on winning this year but i’m secretly hoping to see her put someone in their place lmao

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Anonymous: What did you think when Jonna said she was going to come after Laurel if she wins the elimination round. If we're going to be real here, I think we all know Laurel would WRECK Jonna in an elimination round with ease. And I love how at the end Laurel was like "I don't really care who comes back. Like I don't care. At all" (or something like that) hahaha.

I laughed when she said that. These girls are getting too confident just bc they’ve done 3+ challenges, like sit down. I’m gonna gif that soon btw

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Anonymous: What are your thoughts on Jenn Grijalva? I thought she was funny in Fresh Meat 2 (first season I ever watched) but watching the older ones and the ones after Fresh Meat I just hate her, she talks big game but never does anything (Rivals when she coasted with mandi)

I hated that bitch, I’ve never been so happy about someone retiring from the challenges tbh. She was completely useless she literally was just a waste of space. Also I hope her eyebrows are fixed by now

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july-17th: you know you're obsessed with the challenge when you fall asleep watching the gauntlet 3 and dream that you get married to evan 😂😂😩


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Same. Though idk how i feel about the whole…

Agreed, the draw thing makes me nervous. Anything could happen, like the strongest players could all take each other out in elimination rounds & then all the weak bitches could be free sailing to the final, you never know

Anonymous: thoughts on this Free Agents format?

I love the drastic change. It keeps things interesting

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