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Blog dedicated to MTV's Real World/Road Rules Challenge. If there's any of your work on this blog without credit to you please let me know.

no pos... ta cabron



"Mike’s a ride or die, all day." 

"Maybe I haven’t done my best to make friends in this house. It’s very difficult for me to go around and be buddy-buddy with everybody when I want to beat all of them and be number one. It’s just not my goal, really, to befriend everyone in the house."
Interviewer: Is Abram “The One?
Cara Maria: He’s “The One” I want to sleep with at night. He’s “The One” I want to cook with. He’s “The One” I want to go fencing with, trapeze flying with, mountain climbing with, camping with, horseback riding with, painting with, vacationing with, etc. He tells me I’m beautiful when I feel like crap. He encourages me and supports me. He is down for anything and never makes me feel bad about myself. He’s my perfect, weird, little match. We enjoy each other. One day at a time. 
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Anonymous asked: I've been saying it for years now, they need to do an all-stars season. Bring in all the big winners and see who reigns supreme. It'd be a good way to bring in the favourites and there'd be so much ego so they'd have their drama.

Yeah I think they should do an all champions all-stars and make it individual and have better daily challenges because honestly I’m tired of watching them suspended above a body of water swinging on some ropes. 

Anonymous asked: I'll feel pretty disappointed if that is the cast. I was expecting the next format to be Exes because they had so many good options like Laurel and CT (Rivals), Bananas and Casey (Gauntlet 3 I think), Wes/Kenny and Johanna (Austin/Island), Sarah and Alton (Seasons), Adam and Nany (Vegas), Jen and Aneesa (Duel 2), and Johnny Reily and Avery (Portland), but this cast list just looks sad.

Agreed!! It had a lot of potential but now it just seems like this season is probably going to be worse than battle of the seasons

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willkirvy-deactivated20140825 asked: appreciate the post but there's a few things i wanna point out: 1) jamie and thomas are no longer together. i spoke to her a few days ago and she said that they signed the contract before they broke up regardless but theyre no longer dating. 2) robb and marie are not going to be there unfortunately :( robb turned down the offer numerous times. trey and laura are said to be alternates and i dont think jasmine/swift is a possibility. i know ur just quoting but still tbh

Yeah I honestly don’t know what’s going on for this next season but it doesn’t seem to be too promising. They’re trying too hard to keep this exes theme and it’s clearly not working

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Anonymous asked: i just finished watching fresh meat and i and through the whole season i could not stop hating wes. he was such an asshole yelling at johanna and casey like that. he was just too cocky and i wish he hadnt made it to the final. i really wanted to see evan and coral but they had to go home because of their injuries :/ i also thought kenny and tina's relationship was hilarious. and johnnie was annoying.

Wes has literally been an asshole in all the seasons of the challenge he has been a part of but he was such a dick to casey. he is one of the ppl i dislike the most from teh challenge.

I WAS SO SAD WHEN EVAN AND CORAL HAD TO GO HOME. they were my favorite team on fresh meat. but their injuries were really bad.

Kenny and Tina were just so chill, im glad they made it to the final.

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