Anonymous: is Landon retired, as well?

I think so, he literally disappeared after fresh meat 2 

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skimthrough: oooh, for that anon: ct and diem are definitely back together. they've been spotted together since the end of rivals 2, both before and after free agents filming, plus as recent as last weekend in nashville.

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Anonymous: Do you think that CT and Diem are back together?

I doubt it, I don’t think so

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Anonymous: who else retired from the challenges

Pretty much every real veteran (Rachel, Susie, Abram, Johanna, Coral, Darrell, etc) except the ones who still regularly come back like Bananas and CT. Paula is having a kid so I bet she’s done, Cooke also said she was done on twitter because she doesn’t enjoy the drama, Kenny and Evan probably won’t come back due to the lawsuit and Mark supposedly retired after Exes but I saw on twitter that he wants to do another one so ???? you never know with these people.  

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